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Your signage is arguably one of the most important parts of making your contractor business visible and driving future success. But what size of signs do you need? Construction site banners require a bit of thought and consideration. For example, are you going to use coroplast signs? What about magnetic signs? Making your signage clear and readable on all of your materials is key. You’ve got to consider all design factors that will go into your signs. We’ll help you understand what you need to consider when designing your signs.

Choose Your Materials

You’ll need signs to serve all of your purposes. Magnetic signs go on your vehicle to identify company trucks. Additionally, you’ll want coroplast signs to place on the job site showing off a job well done. Your sign’s material will affect the way your sign looks so you want to keep that in mind. Ask your sign printing company how your design will look on your chosen materials.

Make Smart Use of Contrast

Contrast is an element of every design project – it’s even more important when you only have a matter of seconds to catch your prospect’s attention. You want to choose a color combination that will create the right contrast to grab attention and be easy to read. Of course, black and white is a tried and true combination, but there are others. Black and yellow contrast well, and make your sign easy to read, whether it’s black on yellow or yellow on black. You should try different designs to see what works best for your company and your branding – blue and white, blue and yellow, red and white, red and yellow. Stick to these color combinations, or try your own, but remember that you want it to be easily recognizable.

Use Simple Typography and a Short Message

Keep your font simple. Only use one typeface that has a uniform stroke width (how bold it looks). This makes your image much easier to recognize when someone is just passing by. As a rule, every inch of letter height is worth 10 feet of visibility. You’ll want to size your signs and fonts accordingly to how far away people will be. If it’s a coroplast sign in a customer’s yard on a residential street you only need people to read it from 30 or less feet. If it’s a magnetic sign on the back of your truck, people will be further away and you may need a bigger sign and larger font size.

Keep Your Sign Simple

You don’t want to distract your prospects from the main message. As a landscaper you may be tempted to put plants and flowers in the background of your coroplast signs, but this will end up distracting from the most important part of your sign – your business information. Remember, you’ve only got a few seconds as the customer drives by, so you want your prospects to see your phone number first and foremost.

Keep these elements of sign making in mind and you’ll be designing brilliant signs in no time. Bigger Better Banner offers multiple materials for their sign printing including coroplast signs and magnetic automotive signs.


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