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Looking to get an acrylic sheet to fight Covid-19? Not sure if you should get an acrylic sheet or a plexiglass barrier? Not sure what the difference between them is? You’ve come to the right spot!

In today’s blog, we are going to explain the difference between an acrylic sheet and a plexiglass barrier. We are also going to explain what acrylic sheets are, where to use them and whether or not you should install them yourself.

The difference between an acrylic sheet and a plexiglass barrier:


Acrylic sheets protect you and your customers!

Acrylic sheets protect you and your customers!


What is an acrylic sheet?

Many people get confused with what an acrylic sheet is. This is due to the famous name of plexiglass. According to Plastic Sheets Shop, acrylic is the abbreviation for polymethine and Plexiglass is one of many brand names of this plastic. Missouri Glass Co explains how plexiglass and acrylic products have very similar qualities.

This is the same situation as Ibuprofen vs Advil. The brand name Advil has become so popular that many people are confused about what Ibuprofen is when they are the same thing.

Acrylic sheets are almost a century old. The production of this material began in the 1930s. Acrylic sheets have been used for many different things throughout history but lately, they have been used to help fight Covid-19. We have been building custom plexiglass barriers for several companies to help make their workplace safer.

If you are in need of acrylic sheets, make sure to contact us!


Use acrylic sheets anywhere!

Use acrylic sheets anywhere!


where to Use Acrylic Sheets?

There are many unique places to use acrylic sheets but keep in mind that they serve a purpose: to keep you, your workers and your customers safe.

Places where you should use acrylic sheets:

Acrylic sheets will keep you and everyone around you safe!

Here at AGC, we make custom acrylic sheets suitable for wherever you need them. We will also come into your workplace and tell you where we think you should have acrylic sheets.

Make sure to contact us if you are interested!


We can customize acrylic sheets for your desk!

We can customize acrylic sheets for your desk!


Can you install acrylic sheets yourself?

Many people ask us if they can install acrylic sheets by themself. The answer is always the same: you can but there are many downsides to doing this project on your own, especially if you are doing it in your workplace.

You can get acrylic sheets online or in-store but they are not custom made. If you buy them online, they are prone to having mistakes made when you set them up. Problems like:

This will create many issues and not provide the full amount of safety to your workers and customers. Doing this installation yourself can make your business look very unprofessional.

We suggest getting acrylic sheets made professionally and custom-made to provide your workplace with improved safety and professionalism.

If you need help, make sure to contact us!


Safety first!

Safety first!


Plexiglass Repair & AGC Signs

For thorough repairs or to ensure your acrylic sheets comply with Covid-19 safety guidelines, contact the professionals at AGC Signs. In the signage industry for over 10 years, AGC offers custom acrylic sheets for various companies looking to safely re-open. If you have trouble with acrylic sheet repair or you need a high-quality replacement for your barriers, be sure to contact AGC Signs. Check out their gallery of plexiglass barriers and shields.


Contact AGC Signs



Adrian and Rhonda were very helpful since the first day I contacted them. Their customer service is outstanding and always available for assistance. When we received the first order we were surprised with the high quality that we placed a second order right away.

— Ana Estrada
Both Adrian and Rhonda provided exceptional customer service in a timely manner while assisting us with placing our order for Plexiglass screens. We were delighted with the design and quality of their product which exceeded our expectations. AGC Signs comes highly recommend by the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre.

— Maralyn Tassone

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