5 Things You Need To Do To Maximize Your Pop Up Store Including Same Day Banner Printing

Syndicated from source by Andrew & Co Graphics & Wallpaper, Hooper, Utah

Pop Up Stores are a strong way to access harder to reach markets. Increasingly, people are more interested in the shopping experience than the actual shopping. You can use creative window signs to tap into new markets in new locations. Here are five important ways to get the most out of your pop up store.

Location is The Most Important Part

Where you choose your location can be the difference between success and failure of a pop up store. Nike and Comme Des Garcons pioneered the pop up store experience. They started in areas that were unknown or abandoned but you can bet they had good signage. Who knows if they used a same day banner printing service, but they got their banner printed somehow, and that’s the point.

Today, many pop up stores appear at those same inner-city places. The potential success of your location is often underestimated. Your location is the first step in communicating your insight into current trends, in addition to your willingness to think outside the box. Keeping your location unique and choosing a location that your competitors are not associated with appeals to the opinion makers and trend-setters. In addition, you can create a “moment of surprise” that will keep your target group focused on your brand even after your pop up event is over.


Make Your Store Interactive

Creative window signs will get your customers’ attention, but you’ll need to do more to close sales. Touching and holding products is still the best motivator for a purchase. Try to use creative displays and floor plans to encourage your customers to interact with the products. One way to do this might be to solicit thoughts and feedback. Get your customers engaged with your products and you’ll see your sales grow tremendously.


Use Your products to Create Relevance

Shoppers today are used to transparency and availability. Using the internet, they can get dozens of price comparisons for a product at a moment’s notice. in addition to on demand price comparisons, these online stores are 24/7, availability can seem unlimited to. Select and display your products to create a sense of urgency and relevance. Create limited editions of your product. That is, create products that are either in limited supply or only available at specific locations for specific times. By offering these time sensitive products you will encourage your customers to come by before the event is over. In addition to the sense of urgency these offerings will create, their limitation will make them comparable to collectors’ items.


Break Up the Monotony

Permanent stores for brands are characterized by their uniformity. They use the same interior designs and shop layouts. Their window signs are all the same as well. This has the advantage of building brand recognition, but fails to create awareness from the customers. You can take advantage of this by creating a strong contrast with your décor. Using unorthodox product carriers or displays will catch consumer attention. Use visually distinctive window signs to set your store apart.


Maximize Your Social Currency

The temporary nature of the pop up store lends itself to creating the kind of unique experiences that will set one apart from other businesses. In today’s world where everyone seems completely in the know about every new trend, knowing about or experiencing something before everyone else creates what can be called social currency. If your pop up store offers generous social currency you’ll draw in new customers in a short amount of time.


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Exterior Sign Company Pickering

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AGC Signs

860 Brock Rd #8,
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get noticed with custom signage


Exterior Sign Company Pickering: What We Do

Attract the right attention. Let AGC Signs design and create the perfect sign for your business to build your brand image and get your business noticed! AGC Signs is your full-service, exterior sign company Pickering. Let’s look at what AGC offers.

Storefront Signs


Choose AGC Signs for your Custom exterior storefront sign


Storefront signs are generally what comes to mind first when you think of a custom sign for your business or store.

These signs can be used to:

No matter what your need, AGC Signs is here to help. We can create exactly the storefront signage you require.

Every business can benefit from an effective storefront sign. You can trust AGC to design and install the perfect one for your business.


Pylon Signs

pylon building signage ideas.jpg

pylon sign.jpg

With their height, pylon signs Are Seen from afar


Pylon signs stand tall and provide your business with excellent visibility. Being noticed from great distances, your pylon sign can tower above your competitors and be seen by an extensive audience!

Have you ever been driving along the highway searching for a McDonald’s at night? It’s been hours and you’re hungry. You scan the horizon and spot those golden arches. They guide you in without the aid of your GPS or road maps.

Well, Pylon signs are like that. They are perfect if your building cannot be easily seen from the road or if you want it seen along a major highway.

Pylon signs are best for:


Monument Signs



Monument signs Make a professional first impression


Monument signs are a great way to beautifully display your business name, address, and other key information at your location’s entrance. They work great for:

Whether you want a traditional, solid marble sign or a modern, funky sign, we can help you design one that uniquely portrays your brand. Plus, we make it and install it for you.

Monument signs can have message boards, panels, fitted or etched letters, and even lighting. Bring your ideas to us and we will help make them a reality.


Channel Letters


channel letter sign.JPG

Channel letters are highly customizable


Another popular choice for signage is Channel letters, 3-dimensional individual letters, numbers, logos or symbols that are usually mounted to your storefront.

Their clean, professional appearance can go a long way in building your brand recognition and transform plain storefronts into something that is modern, sleek, and highly appealing.

As channel letters are highly customizable, our professional design team can help you:

Channel letters are great for almost any type of business or location!


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Illuminated Signs


First Choice Sign

Illuminate your sign for Night time visibility


Don't let the effectiveness of your sign stop when the sun sets - illuminate it. A lighted sign will draw customers to your business day or night. You can choose from a wide range of illuminated options including:

If your brand has a retro vibe, then you may want to get a neon sign or a more cost-effective LED sign that is designed to look like neon.

Businesses that especially benefit from illuminated signage include


Vehicle signs



Get your message out and about with vehicle graphics


Don't forget your business vehicle! Take your message on the go with vehicle graphics. AGC signs can wrap it up beautifully in a vinyl sign that will advertise your business everywhere you go.

Vehicle graphics work especially well for companies who do deliveries or service homes. The following businesses benefit from vehicle signage:


Interior Signs


Compliment your exterior signs with interior signs


Although exterior signs are important for first impressions, you should also consider complementary interior signs as well.

From small office signs to larger murals and prints, your interior signs will add colour and life to your business and ensure that your customers know exactly who you are and what you sell.

Complement your exterior signage and continue your brand building with cohesive interior signage. Get the complete package with AGC Signs.


Like what you see? Contact us now


Services We Offer

Professional Design

commercial signs ontario header.jpg

We offer professional design advice


You may not be a graphic designer, but we are! AGC Signs provides you with professional design advice and helps you create a custom sign that specifies who you are and what you are about.

Our knowledgeable staff will also walk you through certain things you may need to consider, such as:



AGC Signs is a full-service exterior sign company



At AGC Signs, we don’t sub-contract out our work - we also manufacture your signage. As a full-service sign company, you can be confident that we will be with you through every step of the process.

We strive to exceed industry standards by giving you superior signage solutions. Both our highly trained staff and top-of-the-line equipment will ensure that your signage is of the highest quality.



Our highly trained and experienced staff can install your sign for you with the right equipment for the job. You can rest assured that your signage will be properly and safely installed.

watch how AGc will install your sign


Service & Maintenance

AGC Signs will even service your signage to make sure that it keeps looking its best and will last a long time.

If your particular signage requires regular maintenance, we can work with you to work out an affordable service plan that meets your needs and budget.


AGC Logo Medium.png

AGC: Your Premier Exterior Sign Company Pickering

AGC Signs is your premier exterior sign company serving Pickering and the surrounding region for more than 10 years.

We have the experience and the expertise to provide you with the superior signage solutions you want and deserve. Contact us today for a free quote.


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“I worked with AGC Graphics on a signage project and was really happy with how it turned out. Rhonda took the time to explain to me how everything works and we went back and forth a few times looking at proofs. She was super helpful and I'm really happy with the quality of work I received. Would definitely recommend!”

- Lisa Ng
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COVID-19 Safety Signage

Syndicated from source by Andrew & Co Graphics & Wallpaper, Hooper, Utah

Today we're going to take a close look at COVID-19 safety signage.

We've been in the custom sign industry in Ontario for over 10 years and we'd love to share our expertise with you.

We'll discuss the importance of safety signage in a pandemic, the advantage of having your signage customized, and the different types available. So let's get going.


directional signage.jpg

COVID-19 safety signage informs people of your new safety guidelines


COVID-19 Safety Signage

During a pandemic like COVID-19, it's extremely important to keep both your staff and your customers safe. Safety signage is a key component in informing visitors to your location of your protocols and preventing the spread of of airborne pathogens.


Importance of COVID-19 Safety Signage

As we all try to navigate the challenges of a pandemic, having the right kinds of safety signage is very important. The way you do business has had to change almost overnight, and pandemic safety signage has become a vital part of how you can operate your business safely and responsibly.

Safety Signage Educates: One of the key reasons you need safety signage is to educate your visitors regarding your physical distancing protocols.

Signage placed at your entrance and throughout your facility will let people know what your policies are such as:




Safety signage will inform people of your protocols


Safety Signage Helps Prevent the Spread of Germs: We are all learning how to safely go out in public again, so safety signage provides useful reminders about how you can be together yet prevent the spread of dangerous germs and airborne pathogens. Your signage can be a visual reminder to maintain your distance from others at all times.

Safety Signage Can Help to Limit Entry: You can also use safety signage to remind people of the symptoms of COVID-19 and to encourage them to evaluate their own health situation and not enter if they are experiencing any or all of the following symptoms:

For a complete list of COVID-19 symptoms, click here.



Signage can even be used to thank our front-line Workers


Safety Signage Is a Great Reminder: Even though almost everyone has heard about physical distancing guidelines, it is easy to become preoccupied and forget to follow them. Having safety signage strategically placed not only at the entrances but also throughout your facilities will serve as a constant reminder to stay vigilant.

You can even use signage as a reminder to take time to thank our front-line workers.


Custom COVID-19 Safety Signage by AGC Signs

No two businesses or institutions are the same; that's why AGC Signs offers you the ability to have customized safety signage made up for the particular needs of your business.

You can choose the size and types of signage that you need and you can have them made to promote your brand as well by incorporating your business's particular colours, fonts, logos and images. AGC can custom design and manufacture unique safety signs to meet your particular needs.



AGC Signs can customize COVID-19 safety signage to meet your needs


Categories of COVID-19 Safety Signage

Physical Distancing Exterior Safety Signage: It is important to notify your visitors of your COVID-19 protocols even before they enter your building. You can accomplish this with a number of options including:



Winds signs and pavement decals are useful safety signage


Physical Distancing Interior Safety Signage: Inside your facility, it is good to have additional reminders placed around your location to remind people to continue to physical distance. These could include:




It is important to have physical distancing reminders throughout your location


Barriers and Shields to Accompany Your Safety Signage

In addition to your safety signage, you may also require plexiglass barriers to keep your staff and customers safe. These barriers can protect you from any airborne bacteria and germs that could be passed on by sneezing and coughing. They are a great solution for indoor applications where physical distancing is a challenge.

Some of the key locations where barriers are necessary include:


Don’t forget to install plexiglass barriers for further protection


Trust AGC Signs for All Your Safety Signage Needs

You can trust AGC Signs to custom design, manufacture and install any type of safety signage you require from plexiglass barriers to social distancing signs and more.

We have over 10 years of experience in the signage industry in Ontario. All of our technicians are highly skilled and extremely hard-working, and we use only top-of-the-line equipment.

You can trust us to do the job right; we do all the work ourselves and never subcontract it out. Contact us today for a quote.


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"Great service - the plexiglass installation was excellent. Looks very professional. I searched for various options but found the most professional design was with AGC. Staff were knowledgeable, courteous and the work was done very quickly. And, we were able to get signage at the same time. I would use AGC again if needed."
- Marisa Gower


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How Vinyl Banners Strengthen Your Outdoor Advertising

Syndicated from source by Andrew & Co Graphics & Wallpaper, Hooper, Utah

Any new sign will help draw attention to your outdoor advertising efforts, right? It’s true that novelty is attractive to people and adding a new sign can help your storefront stand out once more. But which sign? We think that vinyl banners are a smart option for outdoor use in Chicago & Naperville, IL. Here is how they can boost your outdoor advertising, in ways that other signs may not be able to achieve.

1. Weather-Resistance

Vinyl is a weather-resistant material, that doesn’t run in the rain and can withstand snow and wind. That makes vinyl banners a great choice for outdoor use, although they will eventually fade in the sun over a long period of time. If you buy a seasonal banner, you can expect to us it this season and next season. But if you need a permanent sign, there are better options than banners.

2. Size and Cost

For their size, banners are a very cost-effective sign, which means that they leave you more budget for the rest of your outdoor advertising efforts. Plus, their big size helps them be seen by people who are far away, even those who are driving by your property, which means that they have better reach and create more impressions.

3. The Power of Movement

Things that move or change catch the eye faster than things that are stable. That’s the idea behind blinking lights and flag signs that move in the wind. Vinyl banners can also move in the wind, which helps your sign get noticed faster. Just tie down the top two sides of the sign, and leave the bottom hanging freely, to allow the banner to catch the wind.

4. Custom Banners

Unlike some other signs, your design options for a banner are endless. Any image, font, or color you can imagine can be printed onto your banner. Plus, because they are so inexpensive, people feel more comfortable taking design risks with banner printing. Often, those signs that are the most out of left field get the most attention. Working with a creative sign designer can help you get a custom banner design that will really stand out from the crowd.

Get a Banner from Captivating Signs Today

At Captivating Signs, we design and manufacture creative, effective vinyl banners that you’ll be proud to hang outside of your business in Chicago & Naperville, IL. Reach out to us to get started banner printing today.

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Top Building Signage Ideas to Get Your Business Noticed

Syndicated from source by Andrew & Co Graphics & Wallpaper, Hooper, Utah

Looking for some awesome building signage ideas? Today we're going to show you our favourites.

We've been in the custom sign industry in Ontario for over 10 years and we'd love to share our expertise with you.

In this post we'll show you the top examples of storefront, pin mount, and pylon signs that will definitely get your business noticed. So let's get going.


Building Signage Ideas:


We need to start our list of top building signage ideas with a great selection of storefront signs. Get your business noticed and make your best first impression with an amazing storefront sign.


Custom Crafted

Image Source:  AGC Signs

Image Source: AGC Signs

Go all out with your custom storefront sign design and add a matching awning to further promote your brand, add protection and include visual interest to your building’s facade.


Mural anyone?

Image Source:  Little Building Cafe

Image Source: Little Building Cafe

Here’s a very unique building signage idea from Little Building Cafe, by Annie Coggan, in Mississippi. This eye-catching and quaint mural on the side of the building not only gets your attention but it also makes an otherwise boring wall a very attractive feature.


NOt one but two

the peace pipe.jpg

Image Source: AGC Signs

If one storefront sign is good, then two may be twice as good. We love how these two signs by AGC Signs complement each other and the architecture of the building.


Go to the Source for Your Inspiration

Image Source:  EatMoreDrinkMore

Image Source: EatMoreDrinkMore

If you want your signage to look like something in particular, then go to the source. For example, if you would like your eatery to resemble a Paris bakery, then go to the source for your inspiration. Here is a classic design for a French bakery taken by EatMoreDrinkMore on a trip to the city of love.


Pin Mount Signs

Pin mount signs work well either inside or outside. Here are some great pin mount building signage ideas to get you inspired.


Added Dimension

Image source:  AGC Signs

Image source: AGC Signs

These pin mounted letters from AGC Signs really “pop” and give an extra dimension to this reception area, as they cleverly project from the wall behind.


Living Letters

Image source:  Natura

Image source: Natura

Bring some nature into your building with this beautiful living wall designed by Natura. The striking green moss gives a wonderfully coloured and textured backdrop for these pin mounted letters.


Simple Elegance

Image source:  AGC Signs

Image source: AGC Signs

Here’s one of our fabulous building signage ideas from AGC Signs for your reception area. Elegant silver letters in an intriguing font, mounted on a dark background really sends a strong message of style.


Pylon Signs

If your business isn't visible by passing traffic, then remedy that with a pylon sign. Here are some effective and highly visible pylon building signage ideas that are sure to attract the attention you need.


Go Digital

Image Source:  AGC Signs

Image Source: AGC Signs

Not only will you get noticed with an impressive pylon sign by AGC Signs, but you can also keep you message fresh by adding a digital display.


Simply Effective

image Source:  AGC Signs

image Source: AGC Signs

Sometimes the simpler the signage, the more effective it is. This impressive pylon sign by AGC Signs does an amazing job of attracting attention and informs passing traffic about this car dealership.


Big and Bright

Image Source:  Denyse

Image Source: Denyse

If you really want to be seen, go big and go bright. This mammoth pylon sign by Denyse will surely catch your attention as you pass by with its sheer size and rainbow colour scheme.


Get the Best Building Signage Ideas from AGC Signs

If you are looking for building signage ideas that will increase sales for your business, contact AGC Signs. At AGC Signs, our signage experts have been producing beautiful custom signage for more than 10 years.

You can trust us to help you design the perfect high impact sign for your business, whether you are looking for storefront, exterior, interior, vehicle, backlit signage, or more! Whatever your signage needs, we can make it for you.




AGC Signs is a locally owned and operated custom business sign company working in the Toronto, Clarington, and Durham regions.

We know this area and are familiar with what works best for signage here, whatever your business may be! We understand and keep up-to-date with all the rules and regulations set out by the local municipalities.

We will help you determine which permits you require for any signage that you want to put up and we will make sure that your signage complies with all of the region's by-laws.

We are a full-service signage company so we will work with you through every step of the process. We will design, manufacture, install, and maintain any type of custom sign you require. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.


get a free quote


— Lisa Bambridge-Boughner


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Digital Signage Design Ideas that Will Blow Your Mind

Syndicated from source by Andrew & Co Graphics & Wallpaper, Hooper, Utah

In this blog, we are going to show you 10 digital signage design ideas that will blow your mind! From interactive fitting room mirrors to digital ceilings that will make you feel like you’re visiting the aquarium, there is bound to be a design that will catch your attention.

With AGC Signs, imagine the possibilities for advertising within your business or organization. Let’s look at these digital signage design ideas and get some inspiration!


Top 10 Digital Signage Design Ideas


1. Video Walls For Advertising

If you want to make a statement, this video wall does exactly that. It definitely can’t be missed by shoppers wandering the corridors. Here you see an advertisement for Mango in Milan. This video wall can be changed to display a variety of products the company offers.


Attract the attention of shoppers with large video walls.

Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AXdiUZCrM7rX1PUePtQFg2L8ym4EgxexJXZsb5J9ct0agOjzcFE6NPU/


2. Interactive Video Wall for Experiential Marketing

In this next picture, we have an interactive video wall that can be found in the Nike Soho Store. You can see they are advertising the Nike Apple Watch. Customers can actually get on a treadmill and experience the watch performing in real-time, tracking their distances, time, pace, location, etc. This definitely makes marketing fun!


Give customers experience with products through interactive video walls.

Image Source: https://sneakernews.com/2016/11/09/nike-soho-store/


3. Interactive Video Wall for Coupons

How you program your interactive video wall depends on your products and your customers. If you are a grocery store targeting families that visit your store, you will likely want to highlight deals and coupons. All your customers have to do is scan or take a picture of the coupon they think they might use. Also, the deals can be updated as frequently as needed, which means less paper and less clipping.


Display coupons and deals with an interactive video wall.

Image Source: https://digitalsignageuniverse.typepad.com/digital_signage_universe/2012/08/uk-interactive-advertising-campaign-creates-virtual-supermarket-using-digital-signage.html


4. Interactive Fitting Room Mirrors

Not only can customers see themselves in the dressing room mirror, but they can also use the mirror as an interactive screen to experiment with different colors or clothing and accessories. They can even request assistance, adjust the lighting in the fitting room, or send pictures and information to their mobile. No need to run out of the dressing room to find a matching tie or a different colored shirt.


Make finding that perfect outfit easy with interactive fitting room signs.

Image Source: https://wwd.com/business-news/retail/gallery/ralph-lauren-oak-labs-debut-interactive-fitting-rooms-10281433/


5. Digital Ceilings

If you have large covered outdoor spaces like this walkway below or open lobby spaces where customers spend time waiting, a digital ceiling definitely adds interest to the environment. You could send your clients to aquariums, planetariums, and gardens or give them clear blue skies on a cloudy day.


Showcase the wonder and beauty of our world with digital ceilings.

Image Source: https://www.trendhunter.com/trends/gigantic-led-screen


6. Digital Pathways

Literally light up the pathways your customers travel. This is a fun way to catch people’s attention and it can’t be missed. Plus, the lighting on this staircase makes navigating one’s way up and down easier, maybe even safer.


Get people’s attention while they are going up or down the stairs.

Image Source: http://gapersblock.com/ac/2010/11/24/art-institute-exhibit-lights-a-path-literally/


7. Digital Hallways

This digital sign throughout the hallway makes me feel like I’m entering a time warp! You can grab people’s attention as they’re passing in or out of your building, making a strong lasting impression.

Video Wall.jpeg

Make use of extra space by adding digital signs to your hallways.

Image Source: https://www.behance.net/gallery/23985749/B2B-Showroom-PVI-Tower-Ha-Ni


8. Video Wall Displays

In this example, you can watch a video from the National Geographic Museum. This kind of display is great for giving wide panoramic views or a combination of different angles (watch the video to see how this works). This sort of video display would be great for lobbies, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, or museums like you see here.

Combine digital signs into one larger sign to give your clients a panoramic view.

Image Source: https://www.nationalgeographic.org/


9. Interactive Digital Screens for DIY

Ok, so not exactly DIY in the traditional sense, but in this example, you can see how this bike store provides their customers with screens that allow them to design their own bike. There even seems to be a hologram here! Amazing.


Let your customers have fun designing their own ideas with interactive signs.

Image Source: https://retaildesignblog.net/2015/06/04/rose-biketown-store-by-blocher-blocher-partners-at-mona-mall-munich-germany/


10. Digital Signs for Archways

Last but not least is this example of a modern twist on architecture. I would say these signs are a piece of art in themselves. The designer has cleverly incorporated these signs into unused space while directing customers as they explore the wings of the New York Library.

NY Public Library.jpg

Direct people’s attention with digital signs as they pass in and out of rooms.

Image Source: https://segd.org/celebrating-100-years-exhibition


Whether you have grandiose marble hallways or a simple, humble lobby, why not consider digital signage in your space? While some of these design ideas may be out of reach, you can definitely create some magic with AGC signs.

With over 10 years of experience, AGC is are here to help you incorporate digital signs that are creative and sure to make a lasting impression. Browse their gallery of interior signs for more digital signage design ideas.



I worked with AGC Graphics on a signage project and was really happy with how it turned out. Rhonda took the time to explain to me how everything works and we went back and forth a few times looking at proofs. She was super helpful and I’m really happy with the quality of work I received. Would definitely recommend!
— Lisa Ng
AGC Graphics was absolutely professional in all aspects. Their work is exemplary, and their customer service is fantastic. I would highly recommend AGC Graphics to anyone looking for quality work and service.
— Mike C.

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