Give Your Outdoor Advertising an Extra Push with Banners and Flags

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Banners and flags have been used as a means of promotion for years. Baseball fans will remember when the Cubs stadium used to be draped in giant banners with the star players of the day beaming at them. Since then, these flexible custom banners have become a lot smaller and a lot more versatile. Businesses, event organizers, and marketers in Chicago use them to a significant effect on outdoor advertising.

According to some experts, nearly 90% of your customer base lives within five miles of the business! And flags and banners are the perfect local advertising tool. Instill curiosity in local shoppers by ‘changing the local scene’ with this affordable advertising signage. Find out how you, too, can energize your outdoor advertising with banners in Chicago.

Custom Hard Rock Flag in Chicago, IL

1. Deploy in Quantity

Because they are affordable, you can deploy them in large
numbers. Feather flags (the ones with a curved spine), seen so commonly at a car
dealership, are great examples. Businesses tend to install 10 or 20, depending
on how big an area they need to cover. That’s a lot of visibility for a minimal

2. Easy to Install

Advertising of any sort needs to be deployed rapidly. You
cannot be fiddling with a complex sign that takes forever to install or
requires a professional team. Custom banners are designed to be installed by
just one person, meaning you can get your advertising effort on the road
sooner. Just make sure you tell us how you will be mounting the sign when you
come to place your order for vinyl banner printing.

3. Portable

Outdoor advertising is most effective when the message repeats; your banners need to keep up with your marketing efforts’ speed. Flags and banners are light and easy to carry. Roll them up, put them in the bed of a pick-up or the trunk of the car, and be on your way. Unlike some other custom signage, you don’t need a large van to haul them around.

4. Perfect for a Pop-Up

Are you hosting a pop-up in Chicago? Need flags for a small
commercial event? Flexible custom banners are the perfect thing. They can be
printed on short notice and will be with you before you start welcoming guests.
Add custom branding at your site quickly and affordably. Best of all, since you
don’t need a permit to install them (assuming it is your land), you can have
them up in no time at all.

5. Affordable

The first rule of outdoor advertising is to opt for something
that you can afford. Being out in the open, signage may be damaged by weather,
vandalized, or fail after it has reached its operational limits. Flexible vinyl
flags and banners are affordable. It means if a few are blown away in Chicago’s
winds, it will not be the end of the world.

During the age of social distancing, many businesses in the city have found flexible flags, and banners are helping them recapture lost business. Speak to a representative at Surely Signs about your marketing needs.

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5 Things You Need To Do To Maximize Your Pop Up Store Including Same Day Banner Printing

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Pop Up Stores are a strong way to access harder to reach markets. Increasingly, people are more interested in the shopping experience than the actual shopping. You can use creative window signs to tap into new markets in new locations. Here are five important ways to get the most out of your pop up store.

Location is The Most Important Part

Where you choose your location can be the difference between success and failure of a pop up store. Nike and Comme Des Garcons pioneered the pop up store experience. They started in areas that were unknown or abandoned but you can bet they had good signage. Who knows if they used a same day banner printing service, but they got their banner printed somehow, and that’s the point.

Today, many pop up stores appear at those same inner-city places. The potential success of your location is often underestimated. Your location is the first step in communicating your insight into current trends, in addition to your willingness to think outside the box. Keeping your location unique and choosing a location that your competitors are not associated with appeals to the opinion makers and trend-setters. In addition, you can create a “moment of surprise” that will keep your target group focused on your brand even after your pop up event is over.


Make Your Store Interactive

Creative window signs will get your customers’ attention, but you’ll need to do more to close sales. Touching and holding products is still the best motivator for a purchase. Try to use creative displays and floor plans to encourage your customers to interact with the products. One way to do this might be to solicit thoughts and feedback. Get your customers engaged with your products and you’ll see your sales grow tremendously.


Use Your products to Create Relevance

Shoppers today are used to transparency and availability. Using the internet, they can get dozens of price comparisons for a product at a moment’s notice. in addition to on demand price comparisons, these online stores are 24/7, availability can seem unlimited to. Select and display your products to create a sense of urgency and relevance. Create limited editions of your product. That is, create products that are either in limited supply or only available at specific locations for specific times. By offering these time sensitive products you will encourage your customers to come by before the event is over. In addition to the sense of urgency these offerings will create, their limitation will make them comparable to collectors’ items.


Break Up the Monotony

Permanent stores for brands are characterized by their uniformity. They use the same interior designs and shop layouts. Their window signs are all the same as well. This has the advantage of building brand recognition, but fails to create awareness from the customers. You can take advantage of this by creating a strong contrast with your décor. Using unorthodox product carriers or displays will catch consumer attention. Use visually distinctive window signs to set your store apart.


Maximize Your Social Currency

The temporary nature of the pop up store lends itself to creating the kind of unique experiences that will set one apart from other businesses. In today’s world where everyone seems completely in the know about every new trend, knowing about or experiencing something before everyone else creates what can be called social currency. If your pop up store offers generous social currency you’ll draw in new customers in a short amount of time.


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Types of Custom Vinyl Banners for Chicago Businesses

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Vinyl banners are some of the most versatile signs you will find. They fold, they can be cut, can be printed on, rolled up, and carried around. It’s why there is such high demand for banner printing in Chicago. We have even continued to receive a constant stream of banner orders despite so many businesses being closed because of public health measures.

It’s no exaggeration when we say vinyl banners are one of the most inexpensive and most customizable signs. Personalized banners are used in a wide range of situations. Keep reading to find out the different types of custom vinyl banners you can get for your business.

What Are the Types of Vinyl
Banners You Can Get in Chicago?

Here is a list of the top 10 types of custom banners used by businesses. Don’t see what you are looking for? Vinyl can be cut into virtually any shape, have any design printed on it. We even prepare vinyl artwork that can be pasted on walls and windows!

  1. Billboard signs – Large banners installed on buildings or pylon-mounted billboards.
  2. Bus stop signs – Static/rollable banners for bulletin boards at bus stops and transit stations.
  3. Wall banners – Banners that can be hung on the wall (indoors and outdoors).
  4. Ceiling banners – Hanging banners that are installed on ceilings. They can be used as drapes too.
  5. Real estate banners – Small rectangular banners installed on an inverted ‘L’ frame. Popular in real estate.
  6. Queuing signs: Banners used in barricades to manage crowds, form queues, and give directions.
  7. Promotional badges –Small banners (circular, square, rectangular) that can be worn around the neck or arm or hung from small objects.
  8. Trade show banners –Complete set of branded custom banners for the tradeshow booth. They can be free-standing.
  9. Retractable vinyl banners –Portable, retractable, self-supporting banners. Banner cassettes can be changed easily.
  10. Table coverings– Large vinyl drapes for tables. Have design, logo, and information printed on them.

What Is the Best Place for
Banners in Chicago?

A lot of sign companies claim to offer ‘banner printing’ in Chicago, but that’s only telling half the story. The real difference lies in the installation options and quality of banner materials. First-time buyers don’t realize that there is a lot of difference in quality between a cheaply printed one and a quality banner.

At Surely Signs, we use high-quality vinyl from major manufacturers
like 3M. State-of-the-art printing equipment provides high-resolution prints,
free of smudges and blurring. Our banner frames are similarly high quality.
Retractable banners roll in into the cassette smoothly. Booth banners don’t
shake loosely when they are handled.

Get Banners Delivered to
Your Doorstep – Fast

It’s these little things that make us the go-to sign company in Chicago for all your signage needs. Today about getting banners in Chicago. We express urgent print orders and deliver them right to your doorstep.

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How the Right Signage Can Increase Sales

Syndicated from source by Andrew & Co Graphics & Wallpaper, Hooper, Utah

Today we're going to explain how the right signage can increase sales for your business.

We've been in the custom sign industry in Ontario for over 10 years and we'd love to share our expertise with you.

In this post we'll not only talk about why signage can increase sales but we'll also outline the steps for making effective signage. So let's get going.



Learn how the right signage can increase sales


How Signage Can Increase Sales for Your Business

Signage Can Increase Your Visibility:

If you want your business to succeed, it needs to be visible. The right signage will make your business more visible to consumers. It will increase customer awareness of your physical store, let them know the different products or services you offer, and alert people of special promotions you are running.

The more people are aware of your presence and what you have to sell, the more chance you have of selling to them. Signage is a simple yet very effective way to inform your target markets and thereby increase sales.



Signage will make your business more visible


Signage Can Build Your Brand:

Branding is incredibly important and can become one of your most valuable assets. According to Neilson's Global New Product Innovation Survey, almost 6 out of every 10 people surveyed said that they prefer to buy new products from brands that they already know and are familiar with.

21% of those surveyed said that they have purchased a new product because it was from a brand that they like. In fact, consumers in both North America and Latin America stated that brand recognition was the second biggest reason why they would purchase a new product; the first reason being the price.

Designing and installing custom signage that builds your company's brand through consistent colours, fonts, and imagery that makes your business more recognizable to your customers will help build their trust in your company and will make them more likely to buy from you.



Consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand they recognize


Signage Can Attract Attention:

A well-made, attractive looking sign can attract the attention of your customers. Using vibrant colours, interesting graphics and intriguing shapes will help people remember your store and draw attention to your business.

Illuminated and digital signs can further help to catch people's attention as the light and movement will make them stand out from their surroundings.


Signage Can Alert Customers about Your Promotions:

Most people can't resist a bargain. Having both exterior and interior signage that alerts your customers about exceptional discounts or limited time offers will encourage them to come into your location and make a purchase.

Limited time offers work especially well to increase sales as they persuade potential customers to take immediate action and make a purchase before the incredible offer ends.



Signage can alert customers about your promotions to increase sales


Signage Will Promote Your Company Image:

Your signage is one of the first things that your customers will see of your business. It provides them with a first impression of your company. Customers will often judge the quality of your product or service by the look of your sign. The more professional your sign is, the better the first impression they will have of you.


How to Make Effective Signage

Get Your Signage Professionally Made:

Unless you are a trained graphic designer, you probably should hire a professional to create your signage for you.

A trained designer will be able to present your business and branding in the most effective way possible and use the right type of software so that it can be manufactured properly. Designing an eye-catching custom sign is not easy.

Graphic designers understand how colour, text, layout, and imagery work together and they are trained to be able to combine these elements to make a sign that will look professional and catch the attention of your customers.




Get your signs professionally made


Pay Attention to the Colours in Your Signage:

Colour plays a huge role in making effective signage that will increase sales. You want to use bold colours that will stand out and attract attention, however, the colours you choose need to go well together and not clash.

A colour wheel is a useful tool to use when deciding on the colours for your sign. If you choose two colours on the colour wheel that are directly opposite to each other, these are known as complementary colours.

Complementary colours will give you a strong contrast and very dramatic effect. For example, you could pair blue with orange or red with green.

For a more subtle contrast, try using a primary colour with one of the two colours on either side of that colour's complementary colour.

For example, if you choose red, then the complementary colour is green. Blue-green and yellow-green are on either side of green on the colour wheel, so to get a softer contrast you could pair red with either blue-green or yellow-green.

The following video explains how to use a colour wheel and how complementary colours work.


Colours play an important part in making your sign effective


Use Easy-to Read Fonts:

Choosing the right font is also key to making high impact signs. Again, a professional designer can help you choose a font that is easy to read and highly appealing.

You want to stay away from cursive fonts that are too ornate as these are not easy to read, especially from a distance.

If your sign needs to be seen from a long distance and by passing traffic, make sure that it is large enough to be read quickly and easily by motorists.


Make Your Signage Relevant:

Relevance is one of the most important factors in creating effective signage. Make sure that your signage is "the right message, to the right consumer, at the right time".

For example if you place a point of sale sign for Chanel perfume in a shop in a high-class mall in a large urban centre, it's going to increase sales much more effectively than the same message running on a country radio station.


Use Your Signage to Announce Changes:

A time of change for your business can be a great opportunity to attract curious consumers. For this reason, you should use signs for exciting moments in your company history such as a grand opening, a change of management, or the introduction of a new product line.

Business announcement signage can promote new interest in your company and help to increase sales.



Use your signage to announce special events like grand openings


For Signage that Will Increase Sales: Contact AGC Signs

If you are looking for effective signage that will increase sales for your business, contact AGC Signs. At AGC Signs, our signage experts have been producing beautiful custom signage for more than 10 years.

You can trust us to help you design the perfect high impact sign for your business, whether you are looking for storefront, exterior, interior, vehicle, backlit signage, or more! Whatever your signage needs, we can make it for you.

AGC Signs is a locally owned and operated custom business sign company working in the Toronto, Clarington, and Durham regions.

We know this area and are familiar with what works best for signage here, whatever your business may be! We understand and keep up-to-date with all the rules and regulations set out by the local municipalities.

We will help you determine which permits you require for any signage that you want to put up and will make sure that your signage complies with all of the region's by-laws.

We are a full-service signage company so we will work with you through every step of the process. We will design, manufacture, install, and maintain any type of custom sign you require. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.


get a quote



"Agc did an amazing job on our sign! Fast friendly and efficient! Would definitely recommend to anyone for any of your sign or graphic needs!! Thank you guys!"
- Lisa Bambridge-Boughner

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Vehicle Wraps FAQs

Syndicated from source by Andrew & Co Graphics & Wallpaper, Hooper, Utah

Today we're going to answer all of your questions surrounding vehicle wraps.

We've been in the custom sign industry in Ontario for over 10 years and we'd love to share our expertise with you.

In this post we'll take a closer look at vehicle wraps by answering all of your frequently asked questions and showing you why vehicle wraps are an amazing form of advertising for your business. So let's get going.



Vehicle wraps are a great, cost-effective advertising tool


Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost effective forms of advertising with the potential of getting you hundreds of thousands of views every day. They can help build awareness for your business as they promote your company all day, every day, everywhere you go.

If you've never had vehicle wraps before, then you might have some questions about them and how they work. We've listed below the most frequently asked questions that we get about vehicle wraps to try and help you decide whether they are right for your business.




Vehicle Wraps - FAQ’s

1. What Are Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle graphics are a type of signage for your business vehicles that let your customers know more about your business, even when you are parked or driving around.

2. What type of information should you include on vehicle wraps?

The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can display on your company vehicle. Here are the most common choices:


pick-up -truck graphics.jpg

You can display your company’s contact information on your vehicle


3. How long do vehicle wraps last?

High-quality, professionally installed vehicle graphics can last several years. If they are taken care of they may even last longer than your vehicle.

The length of time will depend on weather conditions and how you look after it overall i.e. hand washing as opposed to taking it through a car wash.

4. How do you make your vehicle wrap last longer?

Keeping your vehicle wrap clean and free from dirt and debris will help to prevent scratches on the surface and will prolong its life.

5. How do you wash vehicle wraps?

The best way to clean vehicle wraps is to hand wash them. Using a touchless car wash will also work but avoid taking it through an automatic car wash that has brushes as these can dull the finish on your wrap.


DSC00677 (1).JPG

Vehicle wraps can last a long time if you take care of them


6. Should you change your vehicle wraps?

Even though vehicle wraps can last a long time, you may want to change them from time to time. Some reasons why you would change your wrap include:

7. Do vinyl wraps ruin your paint?

Vinyl wraps do not damage the paint on your vehicle, in fact they can help to protect it from things like minor scratches, fading from the sun, minor abrasions, and damage caused by stones chipping your vehicle.

8. How are vinyl wraps applied?

Vinyl wraps are applied to your vehicle's surface with a special adhesive that is activated with a water-based solution. The wrap itself is made from a poly vinyl chloride or PVC material that has plasticizers added to it to make it extremely flexible.



Vinyl wraps are applied with a special adhesive


9. HOW LONG DO Vehicle Graphics TAKE TO INSTALL?

The length of time it takes to install your graphics will depend on the size of your vehicle, the shape of your vehicle, the complexity of your design, and how much of your vehicle you want covered.

A small design can take as little as one day whereas a larger, more complex project can take up to 3 or more days.

10. What Will My Vehicle look like once the Wrap is removed?

When vehicle wraps are removed your paint will look the same as it did before it was applied. However, the removal of wraps should only be attempted by a professional sign installation company.

11. Can Wraps be Fixed if they get damaged in a Car accident?

If your vehicle wrap gets damaged in an accident, then get your vehicle repaired first. Then you can have the damaged pieces of the vehicle wrap replaced. Usually you don't have to replace the entire vehicle wrap as long as only a portion of the wrap is damaged.


decals on roof.jpg

You can replace the parts of your vehicle decals that get damaged


12. Do you have to wrap your whole vehicle?

No. You can choose how much of your vehicle you want to cover anywhere from a single door to a complete full wrap.

13. Can any type of vehicle get vehicle wraps?

Yes. Vehicle wraps can be installed on any type of vehicle including cars, vans, pick-up trucks, motorcycles, and transport trucks.

14. Are Vehicle Decals only for Businesses?

No. You can add vehicle decals such as customized stripes, graphics, and artwork to your personal vehicles as well.


Vehicle Wraps: Design Ideas

Here are some more great examples of vehicles wraps. Click on the images below to enlarge them.

vehicle graphics.jpg

camero-custom stripes.jpg


vehicle decals.jpg






Trust AGC Signs for the Best Vinyl Wraps

You can trust AGC for the best vinyl wraps installation possible. We will be with you every step of the way, up until the signage process and install is complete. We'll help you design the perfect vehicle sign, taking your input into consideration so that you get the exact wrap you want.

We will then manufacture your vehicle sign in-house with the best materials and the highest skill level to make sure that you receive a superior vehicle sign that exceeds industry standards.

Don’t stop with just vehicle signage, you can also trust AGC Signs to manufacture and install any type of signage you require. Here are some of the other great signage options that we offer:

Interior Signs
Storefront Signs
Backlit Signs
Development Signs
Wayfinding Signs
Pylon Signs

Construction Hoardings
Murals & Prints
Custom Banners
Custom Signs
Plexiglass Barriers









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The Best In-Store Signage Ideas

Syndicated from source by Andrew & Co Graphics & Wallpaper, Hooper, Utah

Today we're going to show you the best in-store signage ideas to give you inspiration for your own business.

We've been in the custom sign industry in Ontario for over 10 years and we'd love to share our expertise with you.

In this post we'll show you a selection of in-store signage ideas ranging from traditional to contemporary to downright off-the-wall! So let's get going.


In-Store Signage Ideas

1. Elevator Signage

Image Source:  AGC Signs

Image Source: AGC Signs

Here’s a great in-store signage idea from AGC Signs that makes clever use of the unused space on your elevator doors. How many times have you stood waiting for an elevator to come, staring at a blank metal door?

This is the perfect spot for signage as you have a captive audience who is looking for something to do while they wait, so let them read about your product.


2. Rustic DIY Hanger Sign

Image Source:   Homeeroad

Image Source: Homeeroad

Here is a cool and unexpected idea for a sign from Homeroad. This hand-painted "Open" sign is a great idea and its rustic appearance really matches the theme of the antique store that it's used in.

You can even get the instructions on how to make your own from Homeroad.


3. Classic Letters

Image Source:  AGC Signs

Image Source: AGC Signs

If you want classic in-store signage ideas, consider installing individual 3-D lettering on your walls. This beautiful example from AGC Signs is perfect if you want to project a professional appearance for your business.

You can’t go wrong with this matte metal lettering against a dark background.


4. Kate Spade Creativity

Image Source:   Made By Girl

Image Source: Made By Girl

Here's one of the most off-the-wall in-store signage ideas I've seen. It was discovered by Made By Girl on a visit to a Kate Spade store in New York City.

The multi-coloured neon letters that spell out greetings are truly memorable and will definitely get your customers' attention.


5. Go Digital

Image Source:  DailyDOOH

Image Source: DailyDOOH

If you are looking for high-tech in-store signage ideas, here’s an interesting one from DailyDOOH. They highlight the FCBotiga Megastore that uses digital displays that allow their customers to choose their favourite soccer jersey and customize it with their own name or text.

The digital sign shows them what their shirt will look like and then steps them through the ordering process.


6. Magnificent Murals

Image Source:  AGC Signs

Image Source: AGC Signs

Murals are a great way to not only catch your customers’ attention but also to add colour and style to your interior walls.

This eye-catching mural from AGC Signs definitely helps to brighten up the front corner of this store. The best thing about murals is that you can update them on a regular basis to keep your store fresh.


7. Living Sign

Image Source:  Retail Design Blog

Image Source: Retail Design Blog

Here's a unique in-store signage idea from Retail Design Blog. Your logo mounted in front of a 10-foot high living wall. This sign can be found at the Danner Lifestyle Concept Store, in downtown Portland, Oregon.




Need In-Store Signage Ideas? Contact AGC Signs

You can trust AGC for the best in-store signage ideas. As a full-service signage company, we will be with you every step along the way in the signage process, including designing, manufacturing, and installing it when it is complete.

All of our signs are manufactured in-house with the best materials and the highest skill level to make sure that you receive superior signage that exceeds industry standards.

Don’t stop with just interior signs though, you can also trust AGC Signs to manufacture and install any type of signage you require. Here are some of the other great signage options that we offer:

Monument Signs
Storefront Signs
Backlit Signs
Development Signs
Wayfinding Signs
Pylon Signs
Vehicle Graphics

Construction Hoardings
Murals & Prints
Custom Banners
Custom Signs
Plexiglass Barriers

Contact AGC today for a free quote on all of your signage needs.


get a free quote


“Adrian and Rhonda were very helpful since the first day I contacted them. Their customer service is outstanding and always available for assistance. When we received the first order we were surprised with the high quality that we placed a second order right away.”
— Ana Estrada


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